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Banff Travel Guide, Canada | Top Attraction, Hotels, Foods

Banff Travel Guide in Canada: Banff National Park is the commercial center of Canada. Banff National Park is at the top of many travel wish lists for compatibility reasons. Banff… Read more »

Jasper National Park Travel Guide | Top Attraction, Hotels

The Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies comprises a vast wilderness area in the province of Alberta defined by glaciers, lakes and peaks such as Mount 11,033 feet high…. Read more »

Ottawa Travel Guide | Top Attraction, Hotels, Foods, Location

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, in eastern southern Ontario, near the city of Montreal and the border of the United States. Situated on the banks of the Ottawa River,… Read more »

Niagara Falls Travel Guide | Top Attraction, Hotels, Restaurants

Niagara Falls extends on both sides of the international border between the United States and Canada, offering visitors from both sides beautiful views, boating and more. It is located about… Read more »

Toronto Travel Guide in Canada | Best Places, Map

Toronto is comparable to the United States as the city, to Chicago or New York, to offer a large, lively and multicultural audience. Toronto is the largest city in Canada… Read more »

Nova Scotia Travel Guide in Canada | Best Places, Location

Nova Scotians want to boast about how friendly their province is to Canada. They may be right because the people of this province are so beautiful. Like, “We don’t lock… Read more »

Calgary Travel Guide in Canada | Best Places, Map, Location

The city of Calgary is often overlooked when planning a trip through Canada, and frankly, I’m not sure why. This beautiful city is the perfect hub to plan an outdoor… Read more »

Montreal Travel Guide in Canada | Best Places, Map, Location

Montreal is purely Canadian, but it feels European. It is one of the five largest French-speaking cities in the world, and at one time it was supposed to be the… Read more »

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Vancouver is the best city in Canada. Best travel places in Vancouver. Gad Vancouver is the most attractive travel destination in Canada. Vancouver gad is a coastal seaport city on… Read more »